Get Your Leads and Communications Streamlined

Introducing LEADLOGIX, the ultimate Sales Backend Software designed to supercharge your sales operations.

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Product Features

Transform Your Sales Process And Boost Your Revenue


Effortless Customer
Data Entry

Leadlogix offers a new level of ease in customer data entry, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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Seamless Communications

Effortlessly engage, nurture, and convert your leads through Leadlogix, making every communication count.

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Data Insights

Leadlogix provides you with customized, actionable information to make informed decisions, drive growth, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Data Entry

Automate Your Marketing Operations

Build custom multichannel marketing journeys to engage every lead and customer. Automatically present each customer with specific campaign content based on key behaviours and preferences, such as which channels they’re on, what they’re interested in, and how they’ve engaged with you.

  • Schedule Campaigns
  • Customer Interests
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We transform ideas into actions and intentions into results

Instant Communication

Leadlogix allows real-time instant communication, ensuring efficient correspondence and staying connected in today's fast-paced world of communication.

Customer Interest based Communication

Enhance your marketing strategy with tailored, interest-based communications to engage customers on a new level and foster thriving customer relationships.

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Vendor Interactions

Take Control And Revolutionize Your Vendor Interactions

Experience transparency, agility, and unparalleled efficiency with our inbuilt customised vendor management solutions. Your pathway to procurement excellence!

  • In-Built Vendor Forms
  • Vendor Communications
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Our Extended Benefits

Supercharge Your Customer Engagements and Maximise Profits

Increased Efficiency

Streamline your sales process and save valuable time. No more manual data entry or searching for customer information.

User-friendly Interface

You don’t need to be a tech expert to use our software. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring quick adoption by your team.


Grow your business with ease. LEADLOGIX is designed to accommodate your expanding customer base and sales team.

Improved Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers on a personal level, offering them the products they genuinely need.

Higher Conversion Rates

Armed with valuable insights, your sales team can close deals more effectively.

Tailored Customer Interest

Understand your customers’ needs better. Track the types of products they’re interested in and boost sales.

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No learning curve, just insights! Dive into our easy-to-use interface for a seamless experience

Pricing Package

Make The Wise Decision For Better Customer Engagements

  • Billed Annually

Get off to a solid and promising start with our Basic plan.

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  • Email Support
  • Limited Emails
  • Basic Template
  • Limited Campaigning
  • Billed Annually

Perfect for users who want to maximize their sales and customer management capabilities.

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  • Email/Chat Support
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Customisable Template
  • 2 User Access
  • Event Customisation
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 25% off in Expo Displays
  • Billed Annually

Ideal for businesses looking for customization, vendor engagement, and insights.

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  • Email/Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Customisable Templates
  • 5+ User Access
  • Database Cloud Backup
  • Event Customisation
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Vendor Dashboard
  • 50% off in Expo Displays
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